Hap Cooper '82, President

William Putman `56, Fundraising Chair

Richard Thompson `55

Bob Hugin `76

Joe Tonetti `59

Chris Ruggiero `93



Richard Thompson `55, Chairperson

William Putman `56

Joe Tonetti ` 59

Hap Cooper `82

Andy Cowherd `74

Bob Hugin `76


David Aubrey `50

George Aubrey `45

Stever Aubrey `43

Richard E. Baiter `60

John E.P. Barnds `54

Robert M. Bowen `59

Richard R.Bracken `69

Jeffrey A. Buck `96

Robert F. Casciola `58

Michael A. Charles `88

George Craddock `04

Christopher A. Crampton `00

Joseph H. Davi `92

John P. Doran `68

Adam Durrett `03

Henry E. Fish `48

B. Beck Fisher `55

Theodore A. Frangos `80

Cambell T. Gerrish `73

Russell C. Grandinetti `93

Charles W. Hauser `57

James R. Haws `64

Herbert W. Hobler `44

Adam H. Holt `95

Robert H. Jiranek `52

David F. Kashatus `97

Walter R. Kirkham `56

Horace C. Klein `85

Lawrence W. Kurtz `72

Ronald J. Landeck `66

Henry W. Large `62

Howard S. Lewis `79

Clifford F. Lindholm `53

Michael G.Mayer `89

John Maguire `41

J. L. McCandless `51

John J. McNab `71

Timothy C. McQuay `73

Ellis O. Moore `70

Gary Moffat `78



Julia Doemland

Tiger Inn Manager


Cannon Group, LLC

Art Robinson, President

Suzanne Spruiell


This drawing depicts the front of Tiger Inn with the
addition of the turret on the east end of the building.
The major changes brought forth by the addition to the club house
are most evident from this viewpoint. The turret, along with the
artful roof line, add to the traditional features of the Tiger Inn club house.



For the new millennium, Tiger Inn must address the needs of an expanding membership and the evolving changes in the workplace affecting the lifestyles of students. Tiger Inn has always been popular as both a dining club and as a social and entertainment center. To remain so, the building, and the use of it, must remain flexible and expand when necessary to include new activities and needs. Our sections have doubled, requiring more space for dining and entertainment, while current trends require a facility that accommodates more study areas, and more awareness and accessibility to the technology available as study aids.


The changing needs of students and the changing face of Tiger Inn


While the social lives of students will always be important, the increasing competitiveness in the workplace has resulted in more importance being placed on academic achievement than ever before. With growing numbers of students attending the university, study spaces are becoming crowded and are often no longer conducive to study. Tiger Inn is beginning to be seen as a place to study as well as play and the additional study space will become a central part of members' lives. The additional concentration on academic achievement will make relaxation and social events more important than ever and, along with increased membership, is an important reason to expand entertainment space. Other clubs will always challenge Tiger Inn's appeal and popularity and, despite recent good news on the membership front, or perhaps because of it, the club must upgrade its facilities to remain competitive and continue to attract new members.


To maintain the identity of Tiger Inn, it is important to conserve its unique qualities. We have attempted to preserve the distinctive impression of the grand staircase at the main entrance by incorporating a light well that provides natural light that will reach the stained glass and offer additional natural light in the dining room.


The historical nature of Tiger Inn is important, as are the memories of the sections who have enjoyed its shelter. To further link the past and the present, we propose to rebuild the turret next to the al fresco dining area _ future generations will be able to enjoy what past generations did. The turret will also create a bond between the original building and the new addition: the rebirth of an original piece of structure; the birth of the new addition; and the continuation of Tiger Inn's popularity.


Further practical, but very necessary, items include improved fire safety, additional storage and better distribution of men and women's bathrooms. Other areas of proposed improvement include the mechanical systems, a new roof, repairs to the half-timber exterior and an upgrade of the windows.


While it is important for Tiger Inn to evolve with its students, it has a history that is also important, both in its architecture and in members' memories. The overall feeling of Tiger Inn should remain to retain the link between different generations. This addition retains the important spaces used by many sections, while providing for the needs of new ones, ensuring Tiger Inn remains a popular and lively establishment.

The additional space on the lower level will provide more entertainment
space at the basement level. Tiger Inn continues to be the most popular
club on the street. The basement expansion will ensure this tradition of
lively entertainment.

On the first floor the dining room seats will be doubled. By extending the `Green Room' we can accommodate another 30 seats in the dining room (for major weekends), or expand the Green Room for special or formal events. If needed, the spaces can be used as one. This flexibility will allow the spaces to accommodate any event that is desired. Other amenities at the first floor level include better circulation, an expanded kitchen and an additional porch area that is accessible from the Green Room for al fresco dining.


On the second floor, we propose a library extension and new computer space. Our new sections not only need additional academic space, but also need to be well acquainted with the technology they will be using in their work lives. A media room is included with TVs and VCRs for the creation, editing and production of videos.

Watercolor representing the future Tiger Inn

Common Tasks



Campaign Bulletin:
Goal: 6,600,000.00
Outstanding Pledges
   as of June 30, 2013: $,221,000
Total gifts received
$ 6,428,000.00
Balance Remaining: $0

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